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Each Karak Habitat restaurant is like a home away from home. They are places to eat, to enjoy the atmosphere, and have conversations with friends.

Karak Habitat restaurants are also beautifully decorated with a modern twist to the traditional. Plus, they serve delicious menus of traditional and exotic dishes from around the world.

The brand continues to expand across the world with the opening of new Karak Habitat franchises, giving more and more people the opportunity to experience our unique and modern casual dining experience.

You’re always welcome at Karak Habitat.



Our Menu



At Karak Habitat, we serve a wide range of breakfast dishes from French Toast to Lebanese Foul to Egg Tajen. This will get you started with your day, plus we have food options for all other meals. Whenever you want a relaxing and charming casual dining experience with fantastic food, Karak Habitat should be your first choice.

Other options on our menu include soups and main dishes with the latter including Lamb Korma, Shawerma Platter, Mandi Fish, and more. We also serve salads, cold appetizers, hamset, wraps, burgers, sajiyat, and hot appetizers as well as extras like breads, chutney, and cheese.

You can also enjoy a wide selection of desserts as well as hot and cold drinks

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