At Karak Habitat, we pride ourselves on providing a menu that is varied and packed with high-quality, delicious dishes. We source our ingredients locally, with every item carefully selected to ensure your food is perfect. Plus, our chefs regularly update the menu to keep it fresh.
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    • Breakfast

    • Sharing is Caring

      Sharing is Caring

      Selection of: Lebanese foul, lamb liver hamsah, falafel, feta cheese mix, labneh balls, fresh cream honey With your choice of 2 Drinks (Hot or Cold).

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7.00

    • Karak Habitat Special Pancake

      Karak Habitat Special Pancake

      Homemade karak pancake served with maple syrup.

      Add Nutella: SR4, Honey: SR4

    • French Toast

      French Toast

      Slice of french toast fried with butter served with caramel sauce & Ice cream.

      Add: Nutella: SR4, Honey: SR4

    • Lebanese Foul

      Lebanese Foul

      Foul, olive oil, onion, tomato and pickles served with bread.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Eggplant Fateh

      Eggplant Fateh

      Eggplant, chickpeas, yogurt, ghee, pine nuts & fried bread.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Mosabaha


      Boiled chickpeas cooked with tahina and garlic.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Falafel


      Fried Falafel topped with tahina sauce, chopped pickles,tomato mint.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Aloo Puri

      Aloo Puri

      Diced potato cooked with coriander seed & turmeric, served with puri bread.

    • Cheese Paratha

      Cheese Paratha

      Halloumi , cheddar, mozzarella cheese stuffed in Paratha.

    • Spicy Labneh

      Spicy Labneh

      Labneh with spicy sauce and olive oil.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Feta Cheese Mix

      Feta Cheese Mix

      Cubes of feta mixed with sweet peppers, walnut rosemary.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Tuna Fakhara

      Tuna Fakhara

      Chunks of tuna mixed with spring onion, green olives, sweet peppers cooked with tomato sauce.

    • Shakshuka


      Fried egg with onion, green peppers & fresh tomato.

    • Shepherd Pie

      Shepherd Pie

      Feta cheese mixed with spring onion, black olives mix peppers topped with baked dough.

    • Foul Golaba

      Foul Golaba

      Foul beans cooked with lentil fresh tomato.

      Add Vegetable Plate: SR7

    • Egg Tajen

      Egg Tajen

      Chunks of cooked tomato & vegetables, topped with egg cooked in the oven.

    • Masabib


      Brown flour with special spices and milk baked on pan.

    • Soups

    • Harira


      Moroccan soup with chickpeas, minced meat, lentil & vermicelli potato & cheese.

    • Creamy Chicken Soup

      Creamy Chicken Soup

      Home-made chicken soup with cream & mushroom.

    • Lentil Soup

      Lentil Soup

      Served with toasted bread.

    • Main Dish

    • Butter Chicken

      Butter Chicken

      Marinated chicken cooked in mild curry sauce.

    • Shawerma Platter

      Shawerma Platter

      Mix of beef & chicken shawerma serve with french fries & dips.

    • Kouchari


      Mixed of rice, pasta, lentil & chickpeas served with homemade kouchari sauce.

    • Ozzy


      Oriental rice served with minced meat and lamb chunks on top.

    • Chicken Biryani

      Chicken Biryani

      Boneless chicken served with long grain rice infused with saffron and seasoned with selected spices.

    • Fish Sayadyeh

      Fish Sayadyeh

      Brown rice with fish and crispy onion.

    • Monazlet Eggplant

      Monazlet Eggplant

      Layers of eggplant with minced meat and tomato sauce.

    • Karak Roast Chicken

      Karak Roast Chicken

      Chicken marinated with karak flavor serve with fava Beans cooked with rice.

    • Baked cheesey Pasta

      Baked cheesey Pasta

      Spaghetti pasta with pink sauce topped with mix cheese and baked in the oven.

    • Chicken Tikka

      Chicken Tikka

      Marinated chunks chicken with creamy sauce cooked in tandoor served with fries.

    • Shish Kebab

      Shish Kebab

      Lamb kebab marinated in special spices, grilling in tandoor served with fries.

    • Hot Drinks

    • Karak Tea Cup

      Karak Tea Cup

    • Karak Tea Pot (2 Persons)

      Karak Tea Pot (2 Persons)

    • Turkish Coffee

      Turkish Coffee

    • Espresso Single

      Espresso Single

    • Espresso Double

      Espresso Double

    • Café Latte

      Café Latte

    • Caramel Latte

      Caramel Latte

    • Karak Latte

      Karak Latte

    • Spanish Latte

      Spanish Latte

    • Pistachio Latte

      Pistachio Latte

    • Cappucino


    • Mocha


    • Arabic Coffee (Served with dates)

      Arabic Coffee (Served with dates)

    • Americano


    • Tea Cup

      Tea Cup

    • Tea Pot

      Tea Pot

    • Cold Drinks

    • Karak Smoothie

      Karak Smoothie

    • Karak Latte Cold

      Karak Latte Cold

    • Spanish Latte cold

      Spanish Latte cold

    • Pistachio Latte Cold

      Pistachio Latte Cold

    • Ice Coffee

      Ice Coffee

    • Strawberry Smoothie

      Strawberry Smoothie

    • Vimto Smoothie

      Vimto Smoothie

    • Chocolate Milk Shake

      Chocolate Milk Shake

    • Vanilla Milk Shake

      Vanilla Milk Shake

    • Darabeel Latte

      Darabeel Latte

    • Fresh Orange Juice

      Fresh Orange Juice

    • Fresh Apple Juice

      Fresh Apple Juice

    • Fresh Carrot Juice

      Fresh Carrot Juice

    • Lemon & Mint

      Lemon & Mint

    • Strawberry


    • Fresh Pineapple Juice

      Fresh Pineapple Juice

    • Sweet Lassi

      Sweet Lassi

    • Salty Lassi

      Salty Lassi

    • Soft Drinks

      Soft Drinks

    • Small Water

      Small Water

    • Take me with you

    • Mini Cake

      Mini Cake

      Karak, Aghali, Date & Pistachio

    • Thermos Arabic Coffee

      Thermos Arabic Coffee

    • Thermos Karak Big

      Thermos Karak Big

    • Thermos Karak Small

      Thermos Karak Small

    • Karak Powder

      Karak Powder

    • Salads & Cold Appetizers

    • Hommus


      Hommus with tahina and olive oil.

    • Hommus Selection

      Hommus Selection

      Three types of hommus plain, spinach and beet root.

    • Hommus with Shawerma

      Hommus with Shawerma

      Our special hummus topped with beef or chicken shawerma.

    • Tabouleh


      Freshly chopped parsley & tomato mix with our special dressing, burgul & white onion.

    • Fattouch


      Selection of fresh vegetables mixed with olive oil, pomegranate molasses and topped with pita bread.

    • Caeser Salad

      Caeser Salad

      Fresh romaine lettuce, crouton, parmesan cheese & homemade caeser dressing.

    • Rocca and Betroot Salad

      Rocca and Betroot Salad

      Rocca leaf with betroot with lemon oil dressing.

    • Bread

    • Plain Chapatti

      Plain Chapatti

      Traditional Indian flat bread.

    • Plain Naan

      Plain Naan

      Traditional tandoori bread.

    • Akawi with Zaatar Naan

      Akawi with Zaatar Naan

      Traditional naan bread with akawi cheese & zataar baked in a clay oven.

    • Cheddar Cheese Naan

      Cheddar Cheese Naan

      Traditional naan bread with cheddar cheese.

    • Garlic Naan

      Garlic Naan

      Traditional naan bread with garlic.

    • Zaatar Naan

      Zaatar Naan

      Traditional naan bread with zaatar.

    • Spicy Naan

      Spicy Naan

      Traditional naan bread with chilly.

    • Hamsat

    • Cauliflower Hamsa

      Cauliflower Hamsa

      Fried cauliflower cooked with minced beef, tomato sauce ,crispy onion and pomegranate molasses.

    • Eggplant Hamsa

      Eggplant Hamsa

      Fried eggplant cooked with tomato sauce , walnut and pomegranate molasses.

    • Chicken Liver Hamsa

      Chicken Liver Hamsa

      Fried chicken liver served with pomegranate molasses, garlic and lemon juice.

    • Lamb Liver Hamsa

      Lamb Liver Hamsa

      Fried Lamb liver served with onions and tomato.

    • Spicy Potato Hamsa

      Spicy Potato Hamsa

      Potato cubes with minced beef, pomegranate molasses and spicy sauce.

    • Wraps & Burgers & Sajiyat

    • Wrap Kabab

      Wrap Kabab

      Home made kabab with our special spices wrapped with vegetables and served with fries.

    • Wrap Chicken

      Wrap Chicken

      Chicken tandoori wrapped with vegetables and served with fries.

    • Chicken Shawarma

      Chicken Shawarma

      Marinated chicken with our special spices grilled wrapped in chapatti bread with mayo & lettuce served with fries.

    • Beef Shawerma

      Beef Shawerma

      Marinated with our special spices grilled wrapped in chapatti bread with tahina sauce, parsley served with fries.

    • Kabab Burger

      Kabab Burger

      Homemade beef patty & coriander sauce, served with fries.

    • Chicken Tikka Burger

      Chicken Tikka Burger

      Chicken burger with fresh salad and topped with mint sauce served with fries.

    • Veggie Burger

      Veggie Burger

      Homemade vegetables burger served with grilled halloumi and fries.

    • Chapatiya Chicken

      Chapatiya Chicken

      Chicken quesadillas serve in crispy chapatti dough with guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa & french fries.

    • Skewer Chik N Chap

      Skewer Chik N Chap

      Our special chicken mix wrap in chapatti dough and grilled on a charcoal grill served with our special sauce & fries.

    • Skewer Beef N Chap

      Skewer Beef N Chap

      Our special Beef mix wrap in chapatti dough and grilled on a charcoal grill serve with our special sauce & fries.

    • Akawi Cheese

      Akawi Cheese

      Freshly baked akawi cheese on chapatti bread.

    • Turkey and Mozzarella

      Turkey and Mozzarella

      Turkey & mozzarella baked on chapatti bread with roman lettuce & tomato.

    • Lahem Bajeen

      Lahem Bajeen

      Freshly home-made lahem bajeen baked on a chapatti dough.

    • Open Face Kabab

      Open Face Kabab

      Home-made kabab with our special spices on an open chapatti dough.

    • Four Cheese

      Four Cheese

      Four kinds of cheese mozzarella, cheddar, akawi & cream cheese.

    • Hot Appetizers

    • Indian Cheese Samosa

      Indian Cheese Samosa

      Deep fried dough with mixture of cheese and spices.

    • Indian Vegetable Samosa

      Indian Vegetable Samosa

      Deep fried dough with peas, potato, carrot and spices.

    • Kebeh


      Minced meat fried with onion, spices and pine nuts.

    • Meat Sambosa

      Meat Sambosa

      Fried sambosa dough stuffed with minced meat served with tomato sauce.

    • Fried Halloumi

      Fried Halloumi

      Deep fried breaded halloumi cubes served with homemade cocktail sauce.

    • Biryani Balls

      Biryani Balls

      Biryani Rice made breaded fried serve with Butter sauce.

    • Stuffed Potato and Cheese

      Stuffed Potato and Cheese

      Tube of Potato stuffed with minced meat Cheese serve with butter sauce.

    • Beef with Pesto

      Beef with Pesto

      Chopped cubes of fresh Beef sauteed with pesto sauce & fired pinnuts.

    • Champions Menu

    • Mini Burger

      Mini Burger

      3 Pieces of beef burger served with lettuce, tomato and fries.

    • Chicken Nuggets

      Chicken Nuggets

      4 Pieces of homemade chicken nuggets served with fries.

    • Pizza Margarita

      Pizza Margarita

      Fresh chapati dough topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese baked in the oven.

    • Spaghetti Napolitana

      Spaghetti Napolitana

      Spaghetti pasta served with our home-made tomato sauce with basil & parmesan cheese.

    • Extras

    • Plain Biryani Rice

      Plain Biryani Rice

    • Plain Basmati Rice

      Plain Basmati Rice

    • Chicken


    • Cucumber Yogurt

      Cucumber Yogurt

    • Minted Yogurt

      Minted Yogurt

    • Mint Chutney

      Mint Chutney

    • Cheese


    • Vegetable Dish

      Vegetable Dish

    • Dessert

    • Gheeshed Royal

      Gheeshed Royal

      Dates, milk & butter.

    • Grandma Sharifa Areka

      Grandma Sharifa Areka

      Soft bread, dates paste, honey paste, honey & ghee.

    • Karak Milk Cake

      Karak Milk Cake

      Milk cake flavored with karak tea and serve with milk karak sauce.

    • Sizzling Date Cake

      Sizzling Date Cake

      Date cake serve in a sizzling plate with vanilla ice-cream & caramel sauce.

    • Agili Cake

      Agili Cake

      Cake with saffron , cardamom & sesame served with warm saffron sauce.

    • Chocolate Soufflé

      Chocolate Soufflé

      Rich chocolate served with ice cream.

    • Chapati Mille Feuille

      Chapati Mille Feuille

      Serve with vanilla ice cream & Chocolate sauce.

    • Galaxy Drinks

    • 4 Small flavours

      4 Small flavours

      1.Venus (passion fruit) 2.Jupiter (mojito) 3.Pluto (watermelon) 4.Neptune (blue lagoon)

    • 2 Big flavours

      2 Big flavours

      Your choice of any 2 flavours: 1.Venus (passion fruit) 2.Jupiter (mojito) 3.Pluto (watermelon) 4.Neptune (blue lagoon)

    • Venus (Passion Fruit)

      Venus (Passion Fruit)

    • Jupiter (Mojito)

      Jupiter (Mojito)

    • Pluto (Watermelon)

      Pluto (Watermelon)

    • Neptune (Blue Lagoon)

      Neptune (Blue Lagoon)